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SOMEONE TO LOOK UP TO by Jean Gill – my review no.31

on 23/08/2015

Warmth, kindness and understanding – Someone to Look Up To

This story simply oozes love and understanding, and even tough, or precisely because, it is a dog’s book, everything in it is as human(e) as we wish we would be, if we only tried a little more. Family ties, loyalty, mischief, consolation, kindness, wisdom, respect, experience, a range of thoughts and emotions displayed from a dog’s perspective, with deep empathy, but never condescending, mushy or pathetic, toward the main character or the readers themselves.


The voice used by the author to convey Sirius’s mind and life events is clever, witty, charming, bitter, wise, and the pages of his life simply flow through the reader’s mind. You can draw so many paralels with human lives, and yes, you can actually learn a lot from dogs, about humans and animals. The description of Sirius’s parents courting brought a smile on my face, and the first training lessons Sirius had made me laugh out loud. The author offers a unique outlook on dog’s changing owners, dog shelters and people who work there, and the daily treatment of pet dogs. The section with Stratos, Sirius’s older brother, retelling the events in the house of his brutal master, left a deep impression; to see through a dog’s eyes just how much human behaviour influences dogs. Some people should never have dogs or any pets whatsoever — I often wonder how such people treat their family members, but I suppose it’s the same. I could go on and on, about breeders, competitions, chained guardian dogs, etc., but am trying to avoid spoilers.


When I finished reading Someone to Look Up To, I have to say all my review remarks seemed silly, mere words. This book makes you feel, respect, cherish, accept and fight for the treasures of life. It almost makes me wish dogs could read it to. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who loves animals, has or has ever owned a dog, or anyone seriously considering getting a dog, as a companion and friend, not possession. A beautiful, loving story, told with unseen empathy — it will more than live up to your expectations.


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