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on 01/09/2015

That vital day has come again…
To open up a brand new book
To start reading the new school year
To take a fresh new look.

That day has come again…
To silence that nervous bug inside,
To open the classroom door,
To reveal all they try to hide.

The day has come again…
To go through the pages of their faces,
Not to judge the book by its cover,
But to still your heart which races.

You are a teacher, you see,
And yours is the ultimate task
Of reading each page of a student
And know all that they ask.

And when each page is read
To sort them out in just the right way
And paste them neatly in that book
While letting them learn and play.

Some pages may be damaged at first,
Some dirty, some lost, some torn,
But from all those ideas in a mess
A new story will be born.

With each new school year,
you’re in charge of a new story,
for even the kids you knew
now shine with a different glory.

And with each new book
Your page changes, too.
Although you may naively think
That you are always just you.

But just as each good story
enriches your personal life,
So every new school year book
Is only initially strife.

The pages will become softer
If you turn and read them with care,
For tearing them out and destroying
Is more than any can bare.

Each page carries a soul,
And this soul is yours to guide,
Not to burden with strictness,
Not to tarnish or hide.

At the end of the year that’s beginning
You will watch the book in your hand
And if all the pages are sorted
With pride and joy you will stand.

Only then can you judge by its cover
For the cover will then make sense.
So carefully add your notes
If you must, also make some amends.

You are a teacher, you see,
And your time has come again
To take on that mission of life
And turn lack of knowledge to gain.


As you can see, this post has nothing to do with books, anda lot to do with books. It is merely a poem I wrote many years ago and I remember it at the beginning of every new school year. And although I would probably improve the rhythm and rhyme of the poem today, I could never improve upon the sentiment. I do love books and I do love teaching, so comparing the two makes perfect sense to me. Wishing everyone another school year filled with adventure, challenges and heart!


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