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I THINK MY MOM’S A SUPERHERO by Bolaji O. – my review no.34

on 12/09/2015

Fun, funny and educational


Let’s face it – I picked this book because of pure vanity! I mean, which mother wouldn’t want to be a superhero? This book works well as a family reading, or in school on Mother’s Day. (Possibly also Father’s Day with the other book.) Or any day you need some positivity and laughter. It is the first book for me to read in this series, and I am quite positive it is not the last.

The story and illustrations are blended into a fun and funny comic book, with lots of humour.  As soon as I realized I had to tap twice on each page to enlarge it in my tablet reader, I started to enjoy it. Once you recognize yourself in certain situations, and trust me – you will, you will get the true gift of a good book – the chance to laugh and giggle at yourself, by yourself or with your entire family. It is wonderfully inviting to be read by a parent with kids, and can be used as a teaching tool when talking about family life. The gender roles are assigned in a traditional way, and the story is followed with simple follow-up questions. There is even a lovely additional surprise for parents at the end. Some pages will make you giggle, some will make you say ‘oh yes, I do’, and some will make you smile, say ‘awwww’ and make you hug your kids or partner even more gently.

See yourself and your everyday family life with some humour, and even the difficult moments will be easier to go through. This is a book you can give to your child, teenagers can give to their mothers, husbands can give to their wives, even you can give to your mother, although she is a grandma already. Enjoy your family – it is a treasure to cherish!

PS: I couldn’t resist taking a screenshot! Oh and btw, the book is free.


This book on amazon


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