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UNSEVERED by Traci Sanders – my review no.37

on 20/09/2015

Overcoming grief and preserving love


This is the second book I read by Traci Sanders, and I must admit this is what drew me to it – the interesting title, a most romantic cover (I am not one to read much romance, but sometimes we all need it), and the hint of paranormal. But the book surprised me. It is far from your typical romance.

The author tells the story in the first person, which allows the telling to flow in an even, nostalgic style, much like a diary or a personal confession. The opening passage sets a sad and melancholic, almost poetic, tone and grabs the reader’s attention. The author paints a lovely picture of a couple in love, the insatiable passion of the early stages of their relationship, the buds of an understanding marriage, all cut short too soon when he dies in action, leaving his young wife an army widow.

The paranormal aspect of the story is unusual for a romance book, although my mind couldn’t help but wander to the movie Ghost, and smile with melancholy. Grief at the loss of a partner must be very difficult to handle, and we all handle grief in different ways. The author delivers the romantic part of the story as past memories (nicely done through sounds, photos and scents), and the grieving and living is told in the present. The melancholy and sadness show in every line — such as ‘Tonight I feel alone, even surrounded by my closest friends and family.’

As tragedy occurs early on in the story, the true hook and challenge lie in you wondering ‘so what happens next’. This is where you realize this is not actually a typical romance, and the paranormal element will not guide you into an eerie horror-like direction, but blends into the story as naturally as the pain. The romantic and family moments are written stronger than the paranormal and erotic, but the author lovingly brings her heroine full circle in life, offering hope and consolation to readers. I have to admit, although romance is not my favourite go-to genre, the story lured me in. I will avoid any spoilers, but let me just say the end of chapter 4 is a real cliffhanger.

Unsevered is a story about a woman going through all the stages of dealing with grief – shock, denial, fantasies (or not;)?), acceptance (packing his things is a touching detail) and trying to get on with her life. She is a woman, a writer, a widow, a friend, a daughter, and more. As the story progresses, her character develops, especially from the second half of the book and the turning point. Here are some of my favourite moments… ‘I get back in my car and feel Harley’s dog tags between my fingers for a moment. Then I plant a soft kiss on them and head home.’
‘…it’s the little things I miss the most.’

Grief is a lonely process, but nobody should go through it alone, and it’s the little things that help us survive. Life goes on, and we should cherish our memories.

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  1. I LOVE the banner you made! And I will always cherish your beautiful review 🙂


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