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Dancing with my demons

on 05/10/2015

Soon enough it will be Halloween and we will be chasing away our daily fears with tales of ghosts and horrors, and some of you may even read The Threshold.

But what about our daily demons, the less illusive, more tangible ones – our own demons within? This is how I tackle mine….



Like a dreary drum
in a dreadful dream
it would torture me,
my mind
from within.
It would beg.
It would nag.
It would throb
and sob.
It would never stop.
My mind
from within.
It would swing
and bring
every single thing
from afar
from ago
from the lowest
of low,
such ideas it would know,
ones I daren’t ever show.
My mind
from within.
And the echoes
in the deep,
deep silence
which did creep
all around
without sound,
just my mind
from within.
Then the winded music
winding slow,
not to cease,
it would play
and increase,
disappeared and returned,
as I tossed and I turned
like a vampire’s ball
my thoughts would unroll
and turn,
and turn
to the sound
all around.
Every demon I know –
it would grow,
dance and gnaw
at every bit of my soul
to take over
of my mind
from within.
And the night
was so long
in my mind
from within.
Itself it so
and when it most
mattered –
I kept it at bay.
I made the bad stay
in my mind,
deep within.
Like the wilowy wave
in a brisk, bright dawn,
my eyes now behave
and let in light with a yawn.
As my arms stretch above
and my smile to each side,
so joyous I feel
and so filled with pride…
I managed to hide
all my demons inside
in my mind,
locked within.


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