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The Miracle of the Web

on 24/10/2015

More often than not we are warned about the dangers of internet, and I too have warned and will go on warning about them. But there are times when you just have to stop and think about its miracles, too. They are also opportunities to learn and grow.


Through the intricate, jungle-like mazes of twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+, wordpress, etc., I have also met so many wonderful people, kept in touch with so many friends and colleagues (I would probably have lost contact with otherwise), that it is simply astounding. Friends and family always have a special place in my heart, close or geographically distant, and they know that. We keep it to ourselves and cherish the moments.


Professionally, the www universe has also made a huge impact on me. Joining some teaching groups has expanded my social skills, teaching repertoire and professional network (Eslprintables takes the lead here – with the wonderful antibullying charity book we made called Inner Giant), awarding me with some really good friends.


Being admitted and invited into some writer groups (The Awethors and Books Go Social) has helped me so much in my passion for writing, taught me a tremendous deal, and introduced me to some awe-inspiring people, not only as authors, but as family people, professionals in their own area of expertise, struggling artists, social activists, all tackling dreams and reality all around the world. Not naming names here, not because it’s a secret, but because I would really hate to accidentally forget someone’s name.


Just how amazing this web of people is – you may wonder? Through Laurence O’Bryan’s BooksGoSocial, I felt as if I was turning from a dreamy writer wannabe into a beginner author, which is a huge deal in my case. Words like promotion, review, cover art, editing, interviews, blogging, indie support… they all started as riddles to me and soon became my vernacular. (I still think with an accent though, especially in the promo department;). I found myself chatting with authors from all over the world on subjects far beyond just writing, trying my hand at writing things I had never thought possible. Some of my talents actually helped people, and it is good to be able to help. I love it.


How wide the web is – you may ask yourself? Well, here is the link to the map of Awethors, provided by DM Cain, one of the founders. Together, guided by a bunch of people who never seem to sleep (take a bow, all of you), we created 2 volumes of amazing anthologies – Awethology Light and Dark.
(My story Passage is featured in the Light volume.) And it’s not the end. More surprises await!


Yes, my books still need editing and some professional attention, and yes, I still learn as a teacher and hope never to stop learning (from my colleagues and students alike), but boy oh boy, and girl oh girl, what a miraculous wide world it is!



3 responses to “The Miracle of the Web

  1. Hi Anita this is such an inspiring post and a lovely way to thank all those amazing people you have met along the way.
    I for one am grateful for your friendship and your constant support and help with my writer’s journey, thank you ♡

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  2. Reblogged this on Phoenix Rainez and commented:
    Just had to reblog this post. Anita is a warm hearted caring lady and a gifted writer. If you haven’t read any of her books, now is the time.


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