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30 DAYS by Marc Reklau – my review no.41

on 16/11/2015

This book was recommended to me by a friend, which made it important enough to check out regardless of my reservations towards self-help books. Whether it was because the world is so filled with negativity these days or because my life is at a point when I am re-thinking some of my choices, I don’t know, but it has made more impact on me than expected.  Good impact. So, once again, life proves that we never know untill we try.

The book is easy to read, offers well-chosen introductory quotes by people worth listening to, and offers truly positive advice. As it progressed, it grew on me and I found myself really answering its questions in my mind, trying out some advice and finding out they do work. It is pro-active all the time, and you might enjoy the special touch – the questions with answer lines left vividly for you to fill, and excellent questions they are. True, it is repetitive at times but those among us, who are reluctant to dare and change, need repetition. The numbers in the title may seem like hokum, but there IS a valid point to them.

I truly admire the author’s highly positive tone, not promising instant miracles but gradual, explaining that the change is up to us, offering no excuses and demanding no ridiculous procedures, but truly small steps and persistence. My favourite part is the one about uncluttering and tolerations – it really makes sense to me in my life, and it really does work.

I recommend this book to everyone who needs change, a different angle on problem solving, and, above all, less stress in their lives. We really could all use a bit more positivity nowadays.


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