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on 28/11/2015

Holidays are coming and of all the gifts you can give your children, books are among the best. Children’s authors have a difficult task of writing what they like in such a way as to inspire and educate our children, and still provide the fun and goofiness children enjoy so much. Perhaps it is high time you met some new children’s authors.

It is my pleasure to welcome another BGS fellow children’s author. Here is Nisha Ramroop!



1. Pretend we are all children and tell us 5 things about yourself which you consider the most important!

– I’ve learned that being kind is the better way to go in most every situation, eventually it works out
– I never stop having fun or playing, your imagination is a gift that gets better the more you use it
– Though mom and dad can sometimes seem annoying, they actually do know what’s best most days, so ask questions and try to understand why
– Questions, questions, questions – it will help you learn about any and everything
– Recycle your toys, if you don’t use them give them away – there is some other little boy or girl out there who will cherish it

2. Why do you write books for children? What motivates and inspires you? How do your books come to life?

– I write for children because I am a child at heart and there are many days when I don’t feel like ‘adulting’, writing is my therapy, my escape and my joy
– Everything around me is inspirational, sometimes you just have to apply imagination, shake and see what you come up with
– My books come to life because of the characters and the amazing illustrations which help tell the story.  I have been the luckiest writer in the world to have found the most amazing illustrator who shares my imagination though he’s thousands of miles away


3.  What were your favourite children’s books and characters when you were a child (and still)? Was there a character you wanted to be, or a book you wanted to step into? Why?

– My favourite children’s books were those of mystery like Famous Five and Secret Seven
– If there was ever a character I wanted to be, it would be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. That book was so full of the impossible that I felt it would be simply amazing to talk to a disappearing cat or a rabbit that was always late and who wouldn’t want to meet the Mad Hatter??

3. What is your main goal when you write a children’s book? What do you want your readers to think or feel?

– I want them feel a sense of adventure and possibilities, to laugh, have fun and journey with the characters. And I want them to think about the animals and learn something about them so they can have a greater appreciation for them in real life


4. How do comments and reviews affect you? What do your friends, family and colleagues think about you as a writer?

– I appreciate feedback, comments and reviews. I know I am not perfect and that there is always something to learn and I also know that my style is not everyone else’s and like most art forms – it is subjective.  My friends and family have always been supportive in any venture I undertake as an artist. I am also an avid photographer in addition to my full time job as a computer technician – which makes my colleagues call me superwoman for being able to find the time to do all this lol

5. What is the most difficult thing about writing a children’s book? What is the most fun aspect of that process?

– The most difficult thing thus far for me has been to gauge the reading levels of children.  It is a challenge for me to figure out what age my style suits best, especially when it spans multiple countries, school systems and cultures, but I am slowly learning.
– The most fun has definitely been the illustrative process – working with an amazing illustrator, lending my ideas, seeing how it was interpreted, tweaking and then seeing the characters come to life – to this day I am still in awe when a illustrative piece is finished – most rewarding and definitely most fun!!


6. Do you like reading your book in public? Who is the tougher audience – the adults or the children? Share an anecdote if you wish.

– I honestly have never read my book in public, but if I did I would imagine the kids to be the tougher audience because theirs would be the opinion I am most nervous about – it is written for them thus very important that it reaches them in the way I envisioned

7. What is the one genre or topic you think you would never write and why?

– I doubt there is a topic that I wouldn’t like to try even if just to expand my brain a little.  The only thing that would really be off limits to me would be anything that spurs on hate or segregation – many times there are topics that are taboo and need to be written about, but I believe writers truly can use their pens as weapons and do a lot of good with it as opposed to adding more negativity to the world

8. If you could interview any famous children’s author, who would it be and what would you ask?

– This one is easy. Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland). I would ask respectfully ‘what the heck were you on when you came up with that Cheshire Cat?’ lol


9. Why is reading important for children? Is it more important for them to read by themselves or with an adult?

– My humble opinion is that reading is important for children to grow and expand their minds, to enhance their creative side which translates to life skills later on.  Being creative to solve problems is used throughout one’s entire lifetime, even in cases of difficulty where you need to get out of a situation.  For me reading by themselves and reading with an adult are two different scenarios and there is benefit in each as well as a time and place. Example: Reading with an adult can be bond forming, as well as it can help them along with their language skills, or even just be a comfort to them, while reading by themselves is their opportunity to shine and get lost in their own imagination/world.  As a child I preferred reading by myself unless I was sick 

10. Would you like to add anything about your current work or send a message to the readers?

– My current book is a labour of love born out of the imagination of myself and my illustrator Keith.  It is intended to bring laughter to the kids who read it and encourage their wonder and curiousity about animals (especially the ones mentioned in the book)


Author’s Bio
Author’s Website
Illustrator’s Website

ABOUT THE BOOK – The Adventures of Candice: Candice and the Mystery Blues


“Candice and the Mystery Blues” is the first book in a new series that follows the Adventures of Candice the giraffe. Candice is a stylish secret agent giraffe who loves to travel. She has many adventures with her animal friends, but most days she calls the Blueberry Zoo home. In this book, join Candice at the zoo as she solves an unexpected mystery. Meet some of her friends, including Kevin the Tortoise, Doodles the Monkey, Bryce the Rhinoceros, Nancy the Secretary Bird, and Keeta the Cheetah. Follow them on this adventure and learn a thing or two about the animals.

Book Link on Amazon

Dear Nisha, thank you for your time, and all the best to you, Keith and Candice’s gang;)!

Dear readers, don’t forget to leave brief reviews for the books you read (on purchase sites and book clubs) to help your favourite authors keep writing. Your opinions matter. Thank you!

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