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Average daydreams on any given Sunday

on 06/12/2015


I don’t know about you, but my weekends are way too short for everything left over to do after my work week.  People say you can always make time for stuff that really matters to you. I do have an issue with that. Is there a course where somebody teaches this magic?

Anyway, every Sunday evening I wish I could drift away to another dimension and just sit there in silence, with my thoughts and plans. I know I wouldn’t be sitting in peace for long, because I’d be up and tying up some loose end in a giffy, motherly stuff, teacherly stuff or maybe, just maybe some of my own writing.


As I sit here and do an inventory of my weekend, while sketching something for my daughter and patching up my son’s gymsuit bottoms, I feel tired in a way. And after my inventory is done, I am even more tired, which is ridiculous. Should be proud with what I accomplished, right? Still my mind keeps skipping to the things I was going to do but failed to squeeze in. Complaining and whining won’t help, I know, so consider this just benevolent venting out, OK?

To keep things positive, public inventory time (will probably forget something, but who cares! Will definitely forget some things on purpose, but you don’t need to know everything;)…

1. Finished reading a great thriller and reviewed it! Great read, spoiled only by my sinus infection which limited my reading time. Fabulous story, intense, excellent distraction from reality…

2. Wrote my preschool lesson plans till the end of December. Woohoo! Only my school groups and adults to finish… no wait, did that on Friday.


3. Made pizza with family. One of the best pizzas ever! Everyone pitched in, especially our five-year-old!

4. Finished editing somebody’s book. Wow! Felt good. Turns out my final comments can be used for the synopsis and blurb as well, so a third of my leftover work on the book is also done! Also managed to retype a chapter of my wip from handwritten notes.

5. Helped promote some authors with promos and posts, fingers crossed it helps. Great people, all tackling time and money issues, yet oozing with talent! (Trying out Instagram, too. Will learning that keep me young? Suuuure;))

6. Cleaned house. Yep, vaccumed and dusted, too. For someone who had serious back issues last year, this is major.

7. Knitted a scarf for 20 mins. Talk about long-time-no-do. My daughter said it would be cute. It was in the voice I use when my students don’t actually ace it so I say: ‘Hey, you did your best!’ Bless her!

8. Played St. Nicholas with hubbie for kids last night. Modest gifts, did the trick. Maybe we’re not bad parents after all.

9. Sorted out some issues with Amazon in quite a pleasant way and whoosh – my author page finally has all my work in there. Amazing!


10. Nodded off into a nap this afternoon. Can’t remember the last time I did that. Dealt with some guilt-tripping afterward, not much.

11. Prepared some Christmas crafts for my students and drew with my daughter. A lot. She’s quite a manager.


12. Fixed her ice-skating clothes for tomorrow. Nothing huge, but made it. Made my teenage son frown more than once each day. Apparently, it means I’m good at parenting.

13. Sorted..

Oops, sorry! Have to go! Still tons to do…

My point – daydreaming? A quiet bubble bath… You?



2 responses to “Average daydreams on any given Sunday

  1. Seems like a super productive weekend!

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