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Reading Recommended

on 07/12/2015

Every end of year we do some sort of an inventory of the things we did that year.

It has been quite a turbulent year for me, with some difficult moments at the very end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, and, believe it or not, books helped me keep my sanity in those lonely moments when you are alone with your thoughts, confined to a bed, and your family off at work or school.

I have always loved reading books and creating stories, but it was a period when I read more books in a short time than ever before. Fiction and non-fiction, fantasy and reality, childrens’ and adult, romance and crime… There have been good books and great ones, books that show promise and books that need more work or are not my cup of tea… However, knowing myself what writing books takes, I do applaud all authors who endeavour to create stories and share them with the world. (And then humbly wait for our reviews.)

Some books stuck with me for some reason and they will be on my inventory of recommended books this year. You may or may not agree with me, but I do urge you to keep reading.

There is NO story that is perfect for everybody, but there are stories which reach you at the right moment and help you in life.

Stories matter. They help us filter our thoughts, empathize and understand, feel and reason. They help us communicate. So read on, people! Enjoy yourselves…



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