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on 09/12/2015


Like the petal of a rose
Frozen in time,
Her beauty resists
All reason and rhyme.

How much wisdom she’s gained
Or how much she has seen –
You could never conclude
From the youth of her skin.

And the silkiest wave
Of her nightly black hair
Covers history and age
From the keenest eye’s stare.

An immortal fairy
With the gift to love,
To seek her mate
Like a wolf or a dove.

Despite her deep sorrow
(Or because of it perhaps)
her uncanny beauty
walks along in her steps.

She has had her romance
And her wedding bell.
She has been a mother
And a grandmother as well.

She’s had friends for life,
More than one, in fact.
But all vanished and withered
While her rose stays intact.

Such visions, such strength,
Such power of magic,
Yet alone she remains,
More lonely than tragic.

All those she had loved,
With such love to melt stone,
Have long been dead and buried
And left her all alone.

And the sky blue stare
Of her sparkling eyes
Can never hide her pain,
As hard as she tries.

Tears fall soundlessly,
Useless and in vain,
Her hands in her lap,
Tears fill them like rain.

And all she can do with them
Is water a flower.
Without love, what good is
Immortality and power?

No matter how timeless,
No matter how great,
No soul is complete
Without its soulmate.

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