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Teaching with books

on 20/12/2015

Mimi is adorable, spoiled and decisive! She kind of reminds me of someone…. Nah, it couldn’t be! Or could it?!

Do you have, know or teach a kid who is just so adorable and know it? So they get everyone to do stuff for them, even you? And when you finally make them do something on their own, they feel bigger than life, because, after all, independence IS freedom, right?

Well, I have kids and teach kids, so this story was developed for my lessons. It reads like a play, I even taught it as role play for my students, and contains a TPR rhyme as the turning point in the story. You can use it to teach family, forest animals, hibernation, adjectives, actions, body parts, confidence… And as always, there is a touch of magic in the book.


My illustrations are simple but effective – children like simplicity so the flashcard style and a good storyteller are all any story needs! Stories have always been a great tool for teaching children to think differently, to question and to have fun!

A book for kids and parents – Mimi Finds Her Magic! Available here and other places;)!


2 responses to “Teaching with books

  1. Lizzi Newton says:

    My 5-year old granddaughter has enjoyed your books so much! I can’t wait to share this one with her! She wondered if you will ever write a book about a flamingo, her favorite bird.


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