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Naked News for Indie Authors: How to Get on TV by Gisela Hausmann – my review no.46

on 15/01/2016

Always on point – makes you want to try!


Having already read another book by this author, How NOT to Invest…, I knew I would keep an eye on more pretty soon. I picked out this one out of sheer curiosity, not that I am hoping my books would ever get me on TV. How to pitch your book to a TV station and present it afterwards? Read this book – it will save you time and effort, and help you organise effectively.

This is why I like Ms. Hausmann’s books – simple, upfront and clear.

“Without a doubt the greatest achievements of human mankind could not have been described with an elevator pitch, or can anybody imagine creating an elevator pitch that is going to sell painting the Sistine Chapel, or building the Taj Mahal, or maybe even the Great Wall?”

“Forget the elevator pitch; anybody who doesn’t have time to listen to three sentences isn’t interested anyway.”

Gisela Hausmann does not make her advice into science. She delivers simple, clear, practical advice from personal experience and substantiates it with examples and evidence. The book is cleverly written, introducing links to other books by the same author, which serves both as book promotion and avoiding repetition on certain topics. Although I personally sometimes get sad that so much relies on e-mails (and “nobody’s feelings get hurt”) and think nostalgically about face-to-face meetings, I quite agree with the author on the effectiveness and omnipresence of e-mail pitching. Her advice on image is really interesting and memorable.

Hausmann is right – the people who see you live on TV will trust you and want to read or know more about your work and books.  This book never promises miracles, but encourages you to start small and act locally. And if you mess up, how not to give up. What is more, all the advice is so logical that you will wonder how come you never thought of it yourself. You may keep this book handy – like a proper handbook.

A modern book for modern times – short, concise, practical and effective. I might just try it out some day!

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