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Serenity of soul

on 08/02/2016

Today has been one of those strange days when everything seems more difficult than normal. You get things done but you just feel so tired and at the end of your energy reserve.

Some very dear people I know have suddenly fallen ill; nothing major (I hope), but so many at once. On top of everything, it’s my husband’s birthday and we should be out celebrating, but even he, a pillar of strength and resilience, is exhausted and resting. I hope it is just a change in the weather, winter battling to preserve its post against the cheeky, lively spring.

Still, I guess we all need more serenity, more time to relax, to be alone or with someone, but in peace, away from the quickening sensation of stress and heaviness. We do count our blessings, but it is no comfort to console yourself by saying there are people worse off than you are, right?

So let me wish you all a tranquil day or night, someone you love and care for breathing calmly next to you, your partner, sibling, friend, child, parent…, in silence or with soothing music. May your souls feast on the beauty of life and feed others with joy!


2 responses to “Serenity of soul

  1. Yes we all need a day to step back relax and catch up with ourselves. Do hope the rest of the week will be bright and positive for you and your family.

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