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Awesome Teasers – TIMESHAFT by Stewart Bint

on 11/02/2016


Stewart Bint, an amazing author and human being I met while collaborating with the Awethors on the Awethology and December Awethology, has a new book out! It’s called Timeshaft and it’s about one of my favourite topics – timetravel! Here is some info on the book and even a little sneak peek to make your days more interesting!

To find out more about the author, see this interview and read his books.

Timeshaft Blurb

The Booktrope edition of Stewart Bint’s time travelling saga, Timeshaft, is now available.
By the twenty-seventh century, mankind has finally mastered time travel—and is driving recklessly towards wiping itself out. The guerilla environmentalist group WorldSave, with its chief operative Ashday’s Child, uses the Timeshaft to correct mistakes of the past in an effort to extend the life of the planet.
But the enigmatic Ashday’s Child has his own destiny to accomplish, and will do whatever it takes within a complicated web of paradoxes to do so. While his destiny—and very existence—is challenged from the beginning to the end of time, he must collect the key players through the ages to create the very Timeshaft itself.

“Do our actions as time travellers change what would otherwise have happened, or is everything already laid down in a predetermined plan?” he asks. Stewart Bint’s Timeshaft is an expertly synchronized saga of time travel, the irresistible force of destiny, and the responsibility of mankind as rulers of the world.
Following the fortunes of two sets of time travellers, Timeshaft extends Stewart Bint’s popular novellas, Malfunction and Ashday’s Child (both published by Smashwords in 2012), linking the two completely unrelated storylines into a full-length novel.

Set in Australia, London and Scotland, along with an unknown geographical location called Thiecon, Timeshaft combines Ashday’s Child’s activities and hidden agenda, with an accident befalling the very first time journey by the fledgling Time Research And Exploration Project, rocking along to the past and future with paradoxes and twists galore.

Book links
Timeshaft, on Amazon UK
Timeshaft on Amazon USA
Barnes and Noble


Book Sneak Peek – Timeshaft



25 DECEMBER 1627

Feeling faint. The pain…coming in waves now.
Want to cry out. Frightened.
Deep breaths. That’s what he told me, deep breaths. I’ll try.
Ooowwww. That spasm’s left me drained.

“Doctor, help me, please.”

That contraction came sooner than expected. Shivery now. Nauseous. Feel sick.
Contraction more intense. Strange feeling of finality now it’s fading. Perhaps it’s the last one.
Ooowwww. It wasn’t the last one. When’s this going to end?
Pain’s every minute now. That must mean something.

“Doctor. DOCTOR!”

Groaning again. Not with pain now. But with pushing.
What’s that voice telling me to do? To push. To push? What do you think I’ve been doing?
The door’s opening. Who’s this coming in? Susie. With more water. That’s the third bowl the doctor’s gotten through.
What’s that he’s saying now? “It begins.” That’s good. I think. Isn’t it?

The need to push again. The need to scream aloud.
Gritting teeth. Muscles tightening. Come on. Come on, get out here NOW!
Suddenly comfortable and reassured.
No…pushing again.
Pressure’s eased a bit now.
Coming again. Another wave.
That’s not me crying. Who’s crying?

What’s that in the doctor’s arms? Small, wrinkled, wet. Tiny form cradled in his arms. Tiny, bloody, crying.
My baby’s crying.

Welcome to the world, Ashday’s Child.

Links for Stewart Bint MCIPR



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3 responses to “Awesome Teasers – TIMESHAFT by Stewart Bint

  1. (Sorry if this appears a second time – not sure if my first attempt went through…)

    Sounds cheesy but…Timeshaft is one of the best books I’ve read! For me, an idea time travel novel would contain time travel mechanics, play with time travel paradoxes, and the characters do something of interest once they get to whenever they want to go – and Timeshaft has all of this!

    I think Stewart writes fantastically, and his characters are really well developed. Absolutely amazing novel!

    Liked by 1 person

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