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Mistakes, errors, typos?

on 30/03/2016

Started reading a children’s book, being always on the lookout for a good book, both as a teacher and a mother.

Three pages in and already three huge grammar mistakes (Saxon Genitive, posessive pronoun, singular noun with plural verb), pretty noticeable formatting errors (which I do overlook, seeing as different readers do have different layouts), plus paragraph organisation which kind of makes it difficult to follow who does what. The use of the so-called lazy ly-adverbs is in overdrive, but then again, so is mine in my beginner texts.

Is this just my over-thinking inner editor (people have told me to do editing as a career), my teacher’s correcting frenzy (aaah, the itchy red pen), or the fact that, being an author myself, I have started paying more attention to how I can improve my own writing, so I can’t switch it off?

Hmmmm… maybe I just read too much, so I’m becoming too picky.



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