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THE CHOCOLATE MONSTERS by Traci Sanders – my review no.49

on 31/03/2016

So relatable for parents and preschool educators


This is a new children’s book for Traci Sanders, whose adult books I have already read. The Chocolate Monsters is a fun and funny children’s book in rhyme which shows just what hillarious adventures kids can come up with if you only turn your back for a second. Mind you, no accidents or injuries here! Just some tiny property damage, all reparable with some cleaning and time.

The author’s use of rhyme in the story is commendable, because, with proper educational approach, rhyme helps children remember a story, makes it more pleasurable for them to read it by themselves, strengthens confidence in children who normally may have problems reading, especially out loud, and even helps their pronunciation and intonation. The illustrations are interesting and do not adhere to the general fad that everything has to look beautiful, but resemble more to children’s drawings, although not reducing the quality and care of the artist.

The children in the story make use of a chocolate syrup bottle as art equipment, the second the mum is otherwise engaged, but they learn their lesson and admit their blame honestly. There is a tiny underlying message to the parents as well, because the entire mess happens while mum is on the phone.

Every parent and educator can relate to this little ‘mishap’ story, and what is lovely is that the author doesn’t preach, but simply relates a personal experience, slightly adapted for dramatic effect, being a child care provider herself. This is also a good conversation starter about hygiene, tidying up and not playing with food, but now I am preaching. Just enjoy the story and admit it – wouldn’t it be fun to be a kid and use chocolate as paint?

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