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International Childrens’ Book Day – prizes!

on 02/04/2016

Today is H. C. Andersen’s birthday and International Children’s Book Day. In honour if this event, I have decided to give away a free pdf of my children’s books. I have three books published so far, so it will be one of each. All the books are suitable for children from preschool levels up, about 4-10 years old, contain no violence, yet offer some additional activities such as riddles or rhymes.

Have a quick look:


To win the prize, simply have your child draw one of the main characters – a good pirate, a penguin or a squirrel. By the way, the pirate’s name is George and he only becomes a pirate to win the love of his sweetheart; the penguin’s name is Winky and he is a dreamer who wants to add some colours to his life; and the little diva squirrel is Mimi, who has to learn how to gather her own nuts.

You can post the photos of their drawings in the comments to this post of my Facebook blog, and don’t forget to have your children sign the drawings and write their age. Believe it or not, my children will pick the winners. They are the toughest critics you can find, trust me on that!

The deadline for the event is end of April. I hope you get creative! Happy drawing and don’t forget to read with a kid – you might learn a lot and you will certainly have tons of fun!

(Facebook is in no way affiliated with this event. It is just a little giveaway created by me in honour of this day and my love for children’s books.)


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