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Life’s lesson learned?

on 10/04/2016

This week life tried to teach me another one of its lessons. Actually, two.

1. You can’t control everything!
2. Trust people!

Sounds simple enough, right? A preschooler should get it. I guess I learn slow. Hubbie and I had been preparing our kid’s 6th birthday party, and I fussed over so many details, having just as many detailed and intricate plans at work at the same time. Workaholic control-freak mum? Ya think?

And then I went and caught a cold, the one that knocks you down with a really high fever and pain all over. No amount of guilt-tripping over my motherly and teacherly duties helped. Sick I was and it wasn’t going to vanish.

Work colleagues did everything above and beyond the call if duty. Hubbie, family and friends made the birthday magical.

Lesson learned? Well I still have some homework, revisions and tea to go through, but getting there.


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