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on 09/05/2016


Another brilliant gem from the Twisted Tales collection – Elizabeth H. Newton, author of romance mysteries Riddle and View from the 6th Floor.


Author: Elizabeth Horton-Newton

STORY: Old Habits

1. Why did you accept to write a short story for Twisted Tales?

I’ve always enjoyed reading short stories. About twenty years ago I decided to try my hand at writing one. “Old Habits“ was kicking around in my head for almost ten years and Gaunt, the main character, was demanding to be heard. When I saw the line up of writer’s committed to the anthology I just knew Gaunt would be among great company. They are all author’s I admire greatly.

2. What is your story about and what made you write it?

“Old Habits“ is the story of a small town and a boy who grows up there. Burkesville is a bucolic location. People gossip about their neighbors. As with many small towns there are some secrets and rumors. Gaunt Thibideaux happens to have a very big secret; he’s a serial killer. I’ve always been fascinated by the psychology of the criminal mind, especially serial killers. As I said, Gaunt demanded to have his story told. I decided it was safer to tell it than wait for him to show up on my doorstep.

3. What is the biggest challenge for you in writing short stories?

Over the years I have found it is is easier for me to write a short story than a full length novel. The biggest challenge is finding the time to write all the stories in my head.

4. What is your favourite famous traditional short story, or short story author and why?

“The Tell Tale Heart“ by Edgar Allan Poe. The madness of the narrator is overwhelming, his drive to eliminate the thing that torments him from the world is intense, and Poe’s ability to relate the insane emotions of the narrator is incredible.

5. What did you like about writing for Readers Avenue Park?

Readers Avenue Park provides a quality forum for writer’s where we can share good stories with readers who appreciate a high standard of excellence.

6. What do you like most about the Twisted Tales?

I think the variety of stories make this a great book. Multiple genres, stories of different lengths, and many authors and their individual styles make this an enjoyable collection.

7. Can you share a favourite quote from your TT story?

“The bottle came back across the other side of her head and broke, the slivers of glass looking like a cloud of crystals in the speckled sunlight that danced through the leaves.’’


8. Any message for TT readers or potential readers?

If you’ve read Twisted Tales, please take the time to leave a review so others can learn about the book. If you found a story that really grabbed you, check and see what else he or she has written. Potential readers? Take a chance! It can be downloaded free for a limited time. Odds are better than good you will find a story you’ll enjoy in those pages.

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2 responses to “TWISTED TALES & AUTHORS – The ELIZABETH H. NEWTON Interview

  1. Lizzi Newton says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful interview.

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