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Awesome Teasers – Girlie & the War of the Wasps by Claire Plaisted

on 11/05/2016


A tireless lady, author, formatter and publisher, Claire Plaisted, has an admirable charity project going on with her educational children’s book Girlie & the War of the Wasps. I met Claire while working on the Awethology and December Awethology (adult stories by a world group of authors known as the #Awethors), and know her as a helpful multitasker who knows not how to give up. I do hope you check out her project and give her some help. All the way from New Zealand to my haven, here is Claire Plaisted!

Book blurb

Girlie sets off on an adventure to rescue one of her best friends.  In doing so she meets many different creatures along the way and ends up helping a Queen wasp work out what is wrong with her worker wasps.  40% of the proceeds from the sales will be going to ‘Chasing a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes.’

(Cover and links posted with Claire’s permission)


Book links
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Author links
Claire Plaisted, Director at Plaisted Publishing House


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