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on 11/05/2016


Another great author from the creative mash-up of the Twisted Tales (free at Readers Avenue Park website, also available on Amazon) is here today – Neil Newton, whose intriguing and socially relevant novel, The Railroad, should be added to your active TBR list. Have fun meeting Neil and reading (about) his story.


Author: Neil Newton

Story: Weather the Storm

1.    Why did you accept to write a short story for Twisted Tales?

I was happy to contribute to a group of writers that I knew were quality authors. It was a feather in my cap to work with them.

2.    What is your story about and what made you write it?

It’s a science fiction story of a scholar studying the English language who, many years ago, was the victim of a brain tumor. Suddenly, years later, as he gears up for a major linguistic study, the symptoms of his childhood disease return. What he finds is that the world is not what he thinks it is, that there are forces in the world that are part of a greater mystery than he can possibly imagine.

3.    What is the biggest challenge for you in writing short stories?

I’m pretty long-winded and am used to spreading out when writing a story. Writing a short story requires a lot more care and planning. The content has to be a lot more focused and on target.

4.    What is your favourite famous traditional short story, or short story author and why?

Jack Vance. He was a science fiction writer who this story emulates to some extent. He created fictional worlds and situations of such incredible reality that he often transcended the science fiction realm. He is certainly a tough act to follow.

5.    What did you like about writing for Readers Avenue Park?

It is a fantastic group of writers and I’m proud to be writing for them.

6.    What do you like most about the Twisted Tales?

The incredible variety of the stories and the skill with which they were written. It’s really a fascinating bunch of stories.

7.    Can you share a favourite quote from your TT story?

”When I’d come home from the hospital as a child I’d spent quite a while with bandages on my head, going to physical therapy and being generally creepy. My brother called me Frankenstein for years, even when the surgery was a distant memory. Being a big success gave me a chance to look him in the eye and laugh. I was getting mine back.”

8.    Any message for TT readers or potential readers?

Don’t miss this collection. It’s a once in a life time reading experience.


Author links for Neil Newton
Amazon author site
The Railroad


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