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Average Daydreamer SNEAK PEEK

on 13/05/2016

In honour of the weekend and best friends (missing some of mine:?), here is a sneak peek into the chapter-three intro of my chicklit work-in-progress, ‘AVERAGE DAYDREAMER’. Hope it brings a smile on your face…


Chapter 3 – ROCK’N’ROLL

So the zumba lesson with Petra went pretty well! Although it was a bit too unstructured and wild for my personality, I did try to make myself enjoy it all the while, telling myself it would boost my immune system, make me feel good about myself and maybe make one of those ‘oh-I-wish-there-was-such-a-thing’ perfect guys notice me.

Feel good about myself I did, right until the moment I finally got the dance routine and stopped looking at the steaming hot blonde leading the course, so I could catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was so psyched into seeing the new Shakira-Priscilla shaking off the stress with sexiness, and oozing a sparkling cocktail of self-confidence, mischief and charm! Major letdown! My expectations and reality were such an oxymoron that it pained me to put it in thoughts, let alone words! So I’ll keep it brief here – my sexy just wasn’t happening. Period.

Petra was awesome – she was jamming all her pre-bridal enthusiasm into each move and hit that wretched beat every single time, like dotting her new married signature surname! I love her! She’s just the best pal you could wish for. True, as we shared an enormous salad afterwards (oh gosh, the beauty of colours I crammed into that veggie delish, topped with fresh basil to die for!), she did tell me off. You know, the strong, severe, friendly earbashing.

‘Be grateful for what you have and are, sweetie! Flaunt it! D’you know how many poor guys out there would die to spend an evening with you? And I mean, just dinner, let alone some action! You, my darling, are a catch! Gorgeous…’

I smirked and sniffed to disapprove, but she cut me off, grabbing me by the shoulders and staring me in the eyes so seriously it felt like she was about to tell me a state secret.

‘Gor-geous, working, single, talented, funny… When all our looks are gone, you have the qualities that last. Got it?’

‘Got it.’

I nodded sheepishly. It was better not to debate when she had that avengers-shield face on.
So she continued, tilting her head to emphasize a change in direction.

‘True, you can be too picky, stubborn, procrastinating, indecisive, opinionated and temperamental, and…’ She blinked and stopped.

I was holding the salad fork in my mouth like a lollipop and my eyes were bulging with bubbling tears, about to burst. If it had been my mum telling me off like that, I’d have contradicted her all the way. But Petra is a friend. Best. Ever. So I just swallowed a lump and took my penance.

She smiled as she continued, but her eyes still meant it.

‘… and sometimes I’d just like to kick you in the butt and lift your skirt up in public to embarass the hell out of you in the rush hour at the main city square or a hip shopping mall, and knock you off that high-horse pedestal seeking perfection from everybody… I’d let you fall off it and land into the arms of a sweaty, chubby butcher boy with a hygiene problem and mummy addiction, so you could pretend to be able to fix all his flaws and he could spends the rest of his life worshipping the ground you walk on.’
What a relentless lump of honesty! Boy, that was a huge one to swallow. I stared into her mouth and couldn’t believe such a tiny woman had so many words packed in her. I was still processing the images she planted in my head, but she went on.

‘There, I’ve said it! Now finish that salad so we can have some wine and agree on when we are going to go looking for my wedding dress!’

Ice-cream and wine followed. And it helped. I spent the night dreamless, subconsciously mulling over Petra’s honesty. Her talk-dishes were always served plain and simple, take it or leave it, with no thick dressing to cover up the fact that chicken was still just chicken. A cold-hearted, perfectionist, over-thinking chicken in my case! I was the one who liked to use dressing.


Fingers crossed for Average Daydreamer. Planning to have her novel out by midsummer, so stay tuned♡


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