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How to take piracy as something positive?

on 23/05/2016


Having stumbled upon all my books on a pirate website, and not just one, I became annoyed and frustrated. I emailed them to take it down, alerted other author friends to search for their books, mulling over the reason why someone would even want to pirate my little old stuff (which isn’t making any money anyway). And I also asked for advice from other authors. Among a multitude of replies (so grateful to know artists are so supportive), came this video. Although I AM still confused about it all, this gives me a positive outlook on things. It is a situation in oife where I hope one day to be, and I do love being inspired by people.
Gaiman on Copyright Piracy and the Web


2 responses to “How to take piracy as something positive?

  1. It’s so frustrating. All of mine are on various different sites but as people said to me , they’re probably people that wouldn’t buy books anyway so it wasn’t like I was missing out on potential sales.


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