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IF YOU HAD A SUPERPOWER WHAT WOULD IT BE? by Christopher Holley – my review no.55

on 07/06/2016


This is the second book by Christopher Holley that I have picked up. The first one I read, A World without Water, was done with love and very educative, and this one is even better.

It invites the children to think about superpowers and what could be achieved with them, using rhyme and wonderful illustrations (really well-done, Kabita Studios), but also teases and challenges the children with some alluring superpowers that might not be nice to others(mind control made me giggle).

The final parts are educational, where kindness, generosity and family are placed above all fictional superpowers. Being a mother and teacher, this is my favourite part.

Some may say we need not preach to the kids because they are clever enough, and we should just let children’s books be fun. Well, I have been working with children for over 20 years and, trust me, children do want fun (don’t we all?), but if all you give them is fun without any challenges and responsibilities, they will be hurt, even insulted and disinterested. Children want to be challenged, they need to be counted upon, they want and need their opinions and actions to matter. And they want it all to matter to us.

This book covers all those points. It will be fun for children to read by themselves, for parents to read with them, it lends itself to classroom use and inspires debate, creativity and critical thinking.

This review is written for The Readers Review Room, and according to the rating system at RRR, the best I can give a book is a gold worm. Despite only slight suggestions I might make (page breaks which slightly break the rhyming rhythm, and no initial or final note from the author which would be a wonderful touch), I have decided to award it the gold worm, and I will definitely be recommending it to my friends and colleagues.


(This is a screenshot of a detail from the book, just to prove the richness of illustration and lovely rhyming style).


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