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on 09/06/2016


Feels kind of like being jammed into a really bad sandwich. Truly does.

On one hand – I live in the countryside which is lovely and green, it’s the end of school year so my teacherly obligations are supposed to be dwindling, I have some minutes to myself, with my teenage son in his room, tests all done and ignoring me to high heaven.

On the other hand – my neighbours are mowing their lawns on each side of our house with unbelievably loud mowers, and I am in a time jam between mumie stuff and work stuff, trying to multitask and set aside at least 15 mins for my own writing, my dream hobby.

No pressure whatsoever. Inspiration will come. Probably 5 minutes before I have to leave for work, but who cares.


And hey, I actually managed to write a blog post. Slightly lame, but honest.

No idea how you people fit in all the stuff you want to do, are able to do and dream of doing? Share a magic tip with me? Pretty please?

Anyway, have a cuppa, stop to smell the roses and forget about time. Seize the day!



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