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Just sharing pieces of my virtual bookshelf…

on 04/07/2016

There are so many books in my tablet that I have already read and still so many to read, that I constantly feel guilty for having such a backlog, yet happy that I can browse through and just pick up anything in here… literally at my fingertips. True, I will always love the old-fashioned paperbacks, and they will never be replaced, but e-readers definitely save space, and I can enlarge the font if I need to. Quite practical! Another thing – no extra light is needed, so if insomnia kicks in, I can read to my heart’s content without waking hubie up with the lamplight.

I suppose I don’t have to tell you, bookworms, my house is filled with books and bookshelves, too. So many genres it may seem weird to some people. I mean, a thriller and a children’s fairytale together? Sure. A mother here – hence kidlit. A teacher, too, all age groups – hence fiction and non-fiction. A writer, as well, hence the “competition”. Nah, not competition. We are all in this together.

The dream? One day to have my own paperbacks among the others, and my ebooks in someone’s tablet. And never stop reading, learning, sharing, growing… Aaah, what a dream!
PS: Can you guess what I am reading these days? And bythe way, what are YOU reading?


2 responses to “Just sharing pieces of my virtual bookshelf…

  1. LAnthony says:

    I am reading Cinnamon ands Gunpowder. I also reading The Bride Wore Dead. I am enjoying them both. Which books are you enjoying?


    • If you browse through my reviews, you will see.
      I have just started two completely different ones, a historical fiction novel and a contemporary thriller. Will keep you up to date. Thanks for dropping by.

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