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on 08/07/2016

Believe it or not, and I can hardly believe it myself, I am just printing out the final version of my manuscript, edited and all ready for proofreading and beta reading, and I am so excited. Btw, if there are any of you out there willing to read it before it is published (and maybe write a brief review), send me a note, a personal message in my inbox or an e-mail, would you?

It is a light chicklit romance this time, not a children’s book or a horror, which I never thought I’d be writing, until this chatterbox of a character started yammering her story into my ear last July. A year later, and here we are. She’s told me her story, and I am keeping my fingers crossed somebody out there loves it and finds it relaxing and fun. 

This is the photo of the note I made on the last pages of my first edited version. I’d forgotten about it and it made me smile. Funny how a writer feels close to her characters, the way she would to a friend. Well, this character is extra dear to me, because there is a thread of each of my friends within her, some consciously, some not. And I do love my galpals.

Wish us luck, the chatterbox lady and me, and I’ll keep you informed.


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