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Scars & Souvenirs – upcoming release by Rocky Rochford

on 31/07/2016

Rocky Rochford, a highly creative author whose work I have already presented on this blog (see here) , has a new release coming at the end of August this year. Here are some details about the book, provided by Rocky Rochford…

Scars & Souvenirs is a collection of 10 short, emotional thrillers that cover tales of loss, heartache and regrets that just won’t let go. (It does contain some language and graphic, and a number of scenes that pertain to suicide, blood, and murder.)

Book Title:  Scars & Souvenirs

Book Series:  A Collection by Rocky Rochford

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Book Type:   Collection/Anthology

Word Count:  16771

Genre:  Emotional Thriller

Format: Ebook & Print

Purchase Links: (None at this time as the book is due for release on August 26th 2016)

Book Content Rating: Adult!!! Contains swearing, scenes of death, depression and suicide.

Tag-line: “Darkness has many forms and Mares is its playground.”


Every scar tells a story, a tale of loss, or a tale of regret. The scars on my arms an echo of when times were hard. The scars on my eyes of the dreaded horrors I can never unsee. The scars on my soul a lasting memory of the sins that tore my soul apart. The scars on my heart from a love forever lost. The scars on my wrists, the end result of a failed attempt to end a life of brokenness. Each scar is a story.  A story begging to be told. 


“You will bleed. You will cry. You will love and you will say goodbye to all those you hold dear. Life is repulsed by shadow and you reek of it. I’m looking forward to watching the show.”

His words made perfect sense.

Of course they would—they were my own.

Words I would tell myself when I was all alone.

The Devil knows all.

Especially the one that sits on your shoulder.

In the depths of your soul.

“Your wound isn’t deep and the knife didn’t hit anything vital. You will go on to live, knowing this is what you do to people. The poison that flows through your veins always finds a way to push those you hold dear away, no matter how hard you try to cling to them. You are the villain, John, and the villain is destined to fail.”

He reached out and grabbed me. His hands on my throat squeezed and then he began to drag me. The world I had left returned.

As did the sound of my heart beating.

And the air in my lungs.

My eyes opened.

I gasped.

The Devil had come to drag me to Hell, but like he said for the likes of me. There is only one kind of Hell, the life of an endless nightmare I live on a daily basis.

He dragged me back to my old life.

A life of scars.

****Here concludes today’s extract, for more check out the full collection when it releases next month. ****

Feel free to get connected with Rocky Rochford on any of the following site locations:


Twitter: @RockyRochford



Personal Website:


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