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Do you need more colours in your life?

on 13/08/2016

There is this penguin that I love so much! His name is Winky and he lives in one of my stories. In fact, he has been around for quite some time now. The little students of English in Croatia learn with Winky, whereas those who study German have given him the nickname Max. Many children have already learned about life, the polar world, adventure, nature, friendship and love from this brave little waddler.

Here is a sneak peek into his world… 

An excerpt from the book Winky’s Colours

All Winky’s penguin friends are black and white, too. They play on white icebergs and relax on white ice blocks. Their school is white, their playgrounds are white, their food is grey and black.

They play around with white snowballs, they build white snowmen, they draw on white ice and dive in the black ocean.

Winky is not very happy. Winky loves colours! But there are no colours around him. Absolutely, positively – no colours! Everything is the same – black, white, black-and-white and sometimes grey. All Winky wants in life is colours. He even dreams colours. But nobody else cares about this. Winky’s biggest wish is to see colours for real one day.


Would you like to sleep in an ice cave?

Look around you – what colours can you see in your room? Where can Winky find colours? 

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