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LITTLE BIRDIE GROWS UP by W. Luthman – my review no.63

on 22/08/2016

This is the second title by Wanda Luthman I have picked up and I just love it! Such a lovely and positive message about taking it one step at a time when growing up!

The illustrations are adorable – simple, yet just rich enough, in a style consistent with the simplicity of the narration. Well, seeming simplicity because the story is written in rhyme, which only seems easy to do until you try it. Congrats to the illustrator Bryce Westervelt – lovely choice of colour and clarity; and to Wanda Luthman, for managing to convey the what-ifs of growing up, which worry both kids and adults, in such a warm, soothing, rhythmic style.

This book is perfect to be read to and with children aged 3 – 6, whereas the slightly older ones (6 – 9) might even enjoy reading and reciting it out loud. I can see it read at home and in educational settings, spurring conversations about the importance of ‘the by and by’ as the author charmingly puts it.

This review has also been submitted to the Readers Review Room  and deserves a gold bookworm from me.


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