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KNIGHT IN TRAINING Dragons Can’t Swim by V. French & D. Melling – my review no.64

on 23/08/2016

What a perfect partnership this is – Vivian French & David Melling made me giggle and cheer while reading! 

This is a witty, delightful and funny story about a boy named Sam who wants to become a knight. He practically stumbles into his first quest of saving a proper, though not huge, dragon, with the unexpected help of his unlikely companion, cousin Prune!

The illustrations and language fit together perfectly. The characters are delightful and you can practically hear them speaking from paper/screen, right from the eeky dragon Godfrey to the posh Aunt Eglantine. I simply cannot decide who my favourite character is! 

It is so lovely to see Sam and Prune develop their initial animosity into partnership. The dialogue is just perfection! It made me want to read the book out loud, and I cannot wait to read and role play it with my ESL learners. 

Overall – pure wit-filled delight for children of all ages. Even as young as myself;).


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