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Absent-minded bloglord

on 15/10/2016

Yep, dayjob takes its toll. My sanity, my book editing, illustrations – all on hold. Just doodled something to relax. I think it has helped.

While doodling, I was wondering why I wasn’t writing or editing, reading to review, or working on the commissioned illustrations. 

So I added colour.

While colouring, I realized I was beginning to relax. My mind was almost blank, just letting some inner voice choose the colours, and being somewhat careful not to colour outside the lines, kind of like a child. It felt good.

Also played with it in Pixlr.

And I enjoyed it. Why? It took me a while to realize. It’s very simple really. 

I was doing something I felt like, not something I had to.

Yep, it has been that kind of a week. Month. Well, months…

But this too shall pass. I hope you all find your mantra, hobby, comfort zone… Have a good weekend!

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