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Oh and what’s a…?

on 05/11/2016

Yep, that is a journey. From inventing stories as a kid, to writing them for my lessons, to being told I should publish…

What is a query? Does it really take so long to prepare a submission? Do I need a literary agent? Who is that person? Self-publishing? Oh my, covers? 

Self-publish. Fix, fast, fix typos which sneaked in. Republish. Promote? Really? Oh well, yes I should. Endless social networking. You invest what you don’t have to earn what you don’t make, but you keep going. You learn and learn, and the questions and challenges just keep coming. Tackling this ‘hobby’ alongside family and full-time. Many of you know this. Nothing comes out perfect or exactly as you imagined it would, and yet – this too is YOU, as complicated and imperfect as posible.

And then there are moments like this – you buy your own proof copies and just look at them. And smile a timid smile. They are here. 

Thank you, to my family and friends, and to everyone who’s ever encouraged me, even with constructive criticism.

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