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True life’s joy

on 26/11/2016

​I’ve just been thinking how truly blessed and proud I can feel. My family, both close and distant, is caring, as are my friends and acquaintances. My husband and I have been smiling all day because our daughter has been singing since morning and is enjoying her own little creative corner, and our son is playing some quality music on his electric guitar and laughing at typical teenage online jokes. 

Plus, I am about to go and meet a very dear friend whom I haven’t seen in a while, and she has finally received some proper public recognition in her field of work.

Yesterday we pulled off a major new project at work really well. I still keep in touch with some of my students who have all remained the wonderful people they were as children. Rejoycing in the little stuff? There is nothing little about it – it is the very fabric of life’s joy!

I am not tagging anyone – if you recognized yourself in this post, then you belong in it♡


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