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NAKED WORDS 2.0: THE EFFECTIVE 157-WORD EMAIL by Gisela Hausmann – my review

on 02/12/2016

This author has absolutely become my go-to author for simple and effective methods of communicating in various business and private situations. 

In simple words, with plausible examples and demonstrations, G. Hausmann explains what you may have heard long and boring lectures about, buther advice and suggestions actually make sense and are applicable. I have as yet to try them all in my correspondence strategies, but the ones I have tried, have always had positive results. I love how she explained the human desire for drama using the example of an old letter in the beginnings of world postal service – clearly demonstrates her point. 

Nowadays, people, myself included, always have an issue with judging the right quantity to prove quality. Everything in life concerns the right measure, and this book might just give you the proper nudge and motivation to find the right measure in your correspondence and actually achieve concrete results. There are some parts in the book which are repetitive, but I found that very useful  – in these busy times, it actually helped to have the most important stuff reiterated to focus on.

Here is a quote from the book which grabbed my attention: “One could make a case that we receive more ‘stuff’ than ever, but the way it is delivered is less exciting than ever;”. So true, isn’t it?

So count your words, but make your words count.
PS: On a slightly personal note, one of my favourite quotes was this one:  “If you cannot find a reason to send at least one thank-you e-mail per day, you are either working with the wrong people or for the wrong company. Most people work extremely hard and receive little thanks.”

This struck a cord.


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