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YIELD by B.J.Tiernan – my review

on 03/12/2016

Having read Standing on a Whale by this author, and enjoying the writing of B. J. Tiernan, which posesses elegance and grace, modesty and strength, I rejoyced at her new book.

Yield has surpassed my initial expectations. It retains all the qualities of Tiernan’s first novel, but is also profused with intimacy, warmth, and finds such instances beauty in the overall ugliness in life, contrasting history with fiction, the Vietnam war with an average woman’s search for love.

Marley is a strong leading female character, a fighter, an imperfect woman in an imperfect world, trying to make her life as perfect as possible. She has no superpowers, does nothing spectacular, makes mistakes, but manages to preserve love in what she does. Marley Cover can teach girls and women a lot about yielding to the fact that life is imperfect, but it doesn’t mean we have to give up; that choices may be wrong, but they are ours and if we make them, we need to accept them for the sake of our peace of mind. 

Only when we have a peace of mind can we truly love ourselves and be a positive influence on the people around us. Nothing has to be perfect – it just needs to be the way we choose to make it. The writing shows the author’s remarkable strength of being able to teach so much by not preaching at all. 

All the plots and subplots, leading characters and the smallest details, from the intro quotes to the news and scenery, have been woven together into a wonderfully told life story. This is the kind of book that will not change the world, but it may change at least one person’s life, and one person’s life is that person’s world. And each person matters.

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