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The perfect gift?

on 23/12/2016

​So I’m playing Christmas word games with my English learners, and we start playing a version of the 5-second rule (thank you, Ellen DeGeneres:). One of them gets this question: If you were Santa Claus, what would you give me?

She’s suposed to say 3 things in 5 seconds. She goes:”Ahem… ahem… a… marker?” 

And time is up! The class are laughing their hearts out at my slouched shoulders and pouting lips.

I say:”Really? A marker? After so many years?”

She:”Well, you ARE  a teacher!”

And I say:”And true, I like markers.”

She: “There you go!” (Class still laughing.)

I shrug it off:”But couldn’t you at least say – red marker, blue marker, black marker? I’d have three at least!”

Kids laugh and we play on. I decide not to continue seeming so self-sufficient to them in the future. Perhaps I should whine a bit more;).


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