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on 27/12/2016

Writing poetry is a sort of therapy in its own right, but when you are able to dedicate each poem to someone who matters to you in life, someone close, someone you admire, that makes it a unique gift to them. 

It is difficult to review poetry, seeing as it is so personal to the poet and, in this case, the muses, and yet – I find poets to be truly brave for baring their souls and intimacy, and it is a shame not to leave a review. Formatting a poetry ebook is a tough task, especially when you write poetry without punctuation, but the author made breaks using asterisks, which helps. 

As each poem is dedicated to a friend, one might think only they will find meaning, but you may all recognize similar people you know in all walks of life or sides of the world – people who inspire and uplift us, even when they are not at their best. You may just find yourself appreciating them more as you read through the lines. The poet’s style and rhythm are consistent, and the poems don’t lend themselves to rushing through. My favourite was When Sorrow Becomes Victory.

If you like poetry which is simple, though by no means simplistic; poetry that is unencumbered by complicated wording or robotic rhyme; poetry about people’s strengths and weaknesses, you may well enjoy reading and/or even gifting this book. Oh, a piece of advice – although poetry is intimate, you might try reading it out loud somewhere, be it in the privacy of your room or the boundless freedom of the woods. It adds dimension.

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