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Recognizing love

on 14/01/2017

Sometimes people are so silly. They don’t see love staring them right in the face. I am so happy my readers have recognized Priscilla as a quirky, yet romantic modern woman with old-style dreams of Mr. Right.

Allow me to share some review links and quotes…
“The character of Priscilla is delightful. As the tale unwinds Priscilla’s personality explodes from the pages. Amusing, tender, and a little kooky she endears the reader with her daydreams of a doctor, a fireman, and a choreographer among others.” 

“I loved getting lost in Priscilla’s world and her carb diet with lots of coffee! A well written romantic comedy.”

“Priscilla is the ‘Average Daydreamer’ but there’s nothing average about her. Successful in her professional but not in her love life, she’s looking for her perfect Mr Right. But will she find him? ‘Average Daydreamer’ is Anita Kovacevic’s first comedy romance and it has plenty of funny and cringe-worthy moments. The characters are so well written that they feel real; I’ve certainly met a few Priscilla’s in my time!”

Reviews are much appreciated by authors – even the simplest one is a jewel!

This light romantic comedy is available as an e-book and paperbook on Lulu, Amazon, iTunes and Kobo.

PS: You can find my books (children’s and adult) on:






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