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Meet Paul White

on 15/01/2017

You may remember the other day when I had the pleasure of introducing you to a new book, Life in the War Zone, by Paul White. Well, lucky for me and you, Paul managed to take some time out of his busy schedule and do an interview. Enjoy yourselves meeting Mr White, in the print!


1. Who are you in a nutshell?

Answer 1: I am Just a simple man, with ten-thousand stories inside his head I need to share with you.

2. What’s your latest project?

Answer 2: Creating ‘Life in the War Zone’. I wanted to share the emotions and inner thoughts, the fears and dreams of those caught between warring factions. The resilience and fortitude of ordinary people is actually most extraordinary. 

3. What was the most difficult thing for you to write so far? 

Answer 3: I have a part written work, (working title ‘Lucky’), consigned to the back burner. It follows a man through his entire life, but I wrote myself into a messy wilderness! I need to re-write the whole story and make changes. Now I cannot seem to find the time to resurrect Lucky!

4. How do you deal with criticism, promotional activities, editing/proofreading?

Answer 4:  I have never worried about critics, each to their own view. 

I work endlessly at promoting my work and experiment with alternative ways to get my books seen. So far, the best has been when working in conjunction with other authors. 

As for editing and proofing, they are an evil necessity and most authors nightmare! We are creative folk, not engineers or technical geeks, we want to move on, get the next story out of our heads and into a book. Always best to use a professional editor. Stops you pulling your hair out! 

5. What are your writing plans for the future?

Answer 5: I have two books underway, one is a ‘slasher’ type novel called ‘Floyd’ about an escaped psychopath on a revenge spree. 

The other is completely different; it is titled ‘On the Highway of Irreverent Rumination and Delusion‘, it is based on my old blog series of the same name. Simply it is a record of my musings, all the random and weird ideas, concepts, thoughts and insights running through my mind when behind the wheel of my car. Fun, insightful and somewhat disturbing!

6. Which books/authors do you admire and why?

Answer 6: This is an easy question. The problem is I could write an entire thesis about this! 

To spare you that, I will simply say Norman MacLeod for his amazing book ‘Do not go Gentle’ and Crena Rohan (Deirdre Cash), for ‘Down by the Dockside’. 

Both books touched my soul as a young teenager and have stayed with me, hauntingly (but in a nice way), ever since. 

I think that is what a great book is supposed to do.

For humour (satire and sarcasm), I would recommend everybody reads at least one of Saki’s books. (Hector Hugh Munro/H.H. Monro). 

The Unbearable Bassington, or the Bodly head collection would be a good place to start.

7. What makes you happiest in the writing process?

Answer 7: Getting lost, totally and utterly lost in the nether world of my own stories. 

You see, the only way I can write fiction is to go there, to become, to be my characters, to live each moment, each scene as if it is real.

8. If you didn’t write, would you try any other arts or crafts?

Answer 8: Yes. Before I wrote, well before I wrote professionally I was a Chef, I had my own restaurants. That is an amazingly creative craft.

Now, when I am not writing I create digital art, I design book covers and I book fold. I also ‘potter about’ in the shed making ‘stuff’ from scrap metal  wood!

9. What was your favourite book when you were younger or a child? Why?

Answer 9: I could not possibly give an answer to this. I was an avid reader from about seven or eight. By that age I was reading Dickens and W Somerset Maugham, books like ‘the moon & Sixpence’.

I think the first book I read was The Butterfly Revolution by William Butler. My sister, several years older than I, left it laying on the coffee table. I picked it up one night and read it with the aid of a touch under the bed covers. I read it in one go. It was light, sunrise when I finished. 

10. Do you have any special promos, charity releases, appearances or book releases you’d like to tell us about? 

Answer 10: I must and I mean I must tell you about ‘Looking into the Abyss’. This is the first anthology I attempted to create.

I was full of trepidation venturing into realms unknown. But soon I had the support and backing of ten other authors and an editor. That was followed by the another offer to create the cover….and why, because each and every one of those amazing people wanted to help save the Rhinoceros from the evil of the poachers.

They, like me do not want to see these wonderful beasts hunted to extinction. So the book, Looking into the Abyss was created to help raise funds to for the protection of the Rhino.

Will you join us and buy a copy to help, please?

By all means, please give this book a chance. It offers a variety of short stories and an opportunity to do good. Thank you, Paul, for this unique opportunity to know more about you and your work. 

More about Life in the War Zone and the links to all Paul’s work can be found in this post.


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