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THE RUNNING GAME by LE Fitzpatrick – my review

on 22/01/2017

Having read the introductory, teaser short story Safe Haven, I was immediately attracted to the Reacher Series, hoping it would not let my expectations down. Safe Haven grabbed me instantly with relatable, yet extraordinary characters and a wonderfully relentless action pace, and I am thoroughly pleased to say the Running Game not only does not disappoint but even enhances the experience. 

This paranormal thriller, dystopian yet not depressing (hmm… well, no, it offers hope throughout, trust me), revolves around an unusual group of men balancing the thin line between trying to save (or betray) a tremendously fascinating young lady named Rachel from a lunatic underworld lord, as well as the government who have been persecuting Reachers, terrified of their amazing supernatural powers. The author deals with the everlasting fear of the unknown by those trying to harness powers beyond human comprehension for a simple motive such as greed; she displays violence and oppression as their ultimate strategy, and shows us the simple, down-to-earth everyday people trying to get by day in and day out, and form semi-meaningful relationships and semblances of a normal life. I am trying to avoid spoilers here, because the plot is absolutely worth it.

An obvious master of developing characters and plots, LE Fitzpatrick is a highly promising author who engages the reader on various levels and has you rooting for one or more of them, hating and loving them at the same time. It is not easy to write about supernatural powers and/or the lowest of the lowlife and still manage to make your readers grow fond of them, but Fitzpatrick’s love for her characters is completely infectious. I will not divulge my favourites, simply because there are several of them. They are all survivors, and hence the hope I mentioned earlier. The Running Game is a relentless survival story which kept me up reading. My favourite part is seeing how many of her characters’ secrets the author is still keeping from us, which makes me eager to read on. Onwards to The Border Lines then!


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