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Why authors ♡ their characters – by Molly Gambiza

on 04/02/2017

Author Molly Gambiza writes about real life problems of women and families, balancing tradition and modern society for better or worse. Have a look at her favourite character.

Why I like Oliver (from I KNOW by Molly Gambiza)

His name Oliver, a fifteen year old boy whose life changed after meeting three homeless people  Duncan, Mitch, Dorothy and their dog Casper. 

      Dorothy is a young African woman living on the streets of London in the middle of winter and that’s someone who left her homeland Uganda for a better life in England. She had a good job, a happy life but she lost all that  because of one thing…..  It’s something that affect a lot of African people living abroad . When that happens the colour of their skin comes to mind, they blame the system  but not Dorothy, she knew the reason for her downfall. She narrated her story to Oliver, the story that changed his life.

A sneak peek of Oliver’s life before he met Dorothy and her group, the homeless. 
     The police officers took their seats opposite Oliver and his mother Natalia. 

    “This interview will be recorded.” The policeman who arrested Oliver announced himself. They introduced themselves as they took their seats.

    “Can you confirm your names?”

     “Oliver Muganzi.” He replied. 

     “The address?”

      Oliver fidgeted in his seat. “You went to fetch my mother, right? That’s the right address.”

       “Answer the officer!” Natalia’s nostrils flared.

    Oliver gritted his teeth. “You are sitting in the wrong seat mother. Why don’t you swap with the officers.”

    “Don’t go lippy with me Oliver and if you think I will not slap you in front of these officers think again. “Don’t touch me I will call police on you.” She mimicked his voice. ” Well, you don’t have to make the call. They are here.” She whacked him. “You will answer all the questions without getting lippy.  Have I made myself clear?”

    Oliver looked at his mother in disbelief. She had never slapped him in his life.

     The officers made notes without intrupting mother and son.

     Natalia wasn’t done. “Omutwe gwawe gurimu ekyinyogori ninga noresta ejayi?”

    The officers connected the dots and got the meaning. 

    Oliver refused to answer any questions without his solicitor…..
Available on amazon, CreateSpace, Barnes and Noble 

Twitter- @GambizaMolly

Instagram- @Mollygambiza

Thank you, Molly! Keep writing.

One response to “Why authors ♡ their characters – by Molly Gambiza

  1. mollygambiza says:

    Thank you Anita for supporting my work, believing in me. You are amazing!

    May God continue to bless your lovely soul x


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