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Why authors ♡ their characters – by Allaina Daniels

on 06/02/2017

Allaina Daniels is one of the sassy young authors who come highly recommended. She is also one of the reviewers on Readers Review Room.  Here is why she loves her character. 

A bold yet surly redhead sits in the corner of my mind. She gives everyone who passes her a moody stare while daring them to approach her. That is, everyone but her best friend. The bubbly blonde who sits across the table from her and welcomes most of the world with her warm smile. These women are two facets of my huge personality, and because of that, I love them. They also contain pieces of my best friend, which makes me love them more. 

Hi, I’m Allaina Daniels, and I’m an author.

Have you ever met someone, if only briefly, that left a piece of themselves with you? It could be a beautiful memory, a laugh, a frown, or even a horribly twisted sense of self-entitlement. 


Me too. 

For me, though, these traits help me create multifaceted characters to write about in my stories. Some characters come from dreams, others from people I know or that random cashier at Walmart and they are all full of life which makes them more than just thoughts. I even have a series plotting itself in my head all because of my Tahoe, who I’ve nicknamed Tasha, who likes to do weird things for no apparent reason. These people in my head are real to me. I may be the only one who can see them with perfect clarity, but they are real, and they are my darlings. Darlings that I adore and yes, even love.

These characters are parts of everyone I cherish and small fragments of people I’d rather not know. They are so real that sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy with the amount of living that they do inside my mind, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Allaina on Amazon

Thank you for being my guest, Allaina! Happy writing!


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  1. This is a sexy, fun read!

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