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Why authors ♡ their characters – by Anita Kovacevic

on 09/02/2017

Among several children’s books I’ve written (some published, some not yet), I do love all my characters. But today I will single one out. For family reasons, one might say.

Why I love Mimi Squirrel 

Mimi is a spoiled little squirrel who is an only child, accustomed to not doing anything for herself but to charming everyone else, starting with her parents, into doing everything. 

Although my husband and I have been blessed with two amazing children, my daughter was my inspiration for Mimi. Those two little ladies are proper divas, who bat their eyelashes, smile and cuddle, fight when necessary, and always get their way. Mimi’s parents, as my hubbie and myself, know very well their daughter is far too big, clever and competent not to start managing on her own, beginning with the little things. So Mimi, just like my daughter, faces the fact that she really must occasionally do what she actually can.

Mimi negotiates, tries her best to cajole others into helping her, till she finally realizes nobody is coming to the rescue and it is time to wake her own inner strength. And when she does, she knows how to truly cherish her success and share it with family and friends.

I love the fact that Mimi does all that, while remaining a child and trusting some magic. That is what I hope for our daughter, or better said, for both our children – to learn to fend for themselves, yet still preserve that magical inner child within.

Links for Mimi Finds Her Magic

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One response to “Why authors ♡ their characters – by Anita Kovacevic

  1. I adored Mimi’s story! I had no idea it was based off your daughter. 🙂

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