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Why authors ♡ their characters – by Paul White

on 10/02/2017

Paul White is a multitasking creative engine of a man whom I had the pleasure of interviewing a while back, concerning his new book Life in the War Zone. His outlook on his favourite character might surprise you, but it is about someone we all admire.

Why I love everyday heroes – by Paul White

My book, Life in the War Zone opens with a short story called ‘Triage’’ It starts thus….

“Jenny is my friend.

Jenny is an average girl.  

She is a little on the dumpy side. She has mousy coloured hair and wears glasses. She is ‘the girl next door’, one you would not look at twice if you passed her on a busy street. 

But Jenny has hundreds of people vying for her attention every day.

Men, women, children, babies, even entire families. They all compete to get Jenny’s attention and they all have one thing in common.


This ‘Jenny’ is a real person and she is my friend. She is also an unsung hero.

You see Jenny is a triage nurse. She has spent most her twenty-six years of life working with some of the neediest and most vulnerable people on earth, the innocents caught in the maelstrom between warring factions.

Yet Jenny is not alone. The world is full of ordinary, regular, normal people who undertake most extraordinary tasks for the benefit of others with little, if any, thought for themselves.

The man who dives into the river to save a child…or a dog. The woman who scorches her face pulling someone from a burning car. Or simply the person who has cared for a disabled friend for thirty years without complaint. We hear of these deeds, these heroes every day on the television news channels.

We walk amongst the unknown, the true heroes of our world each day, we rub shoulders on the IRT, queue behind them in Starbucks and give them the finger when driving to close! They are about and among us.

True heroes do not shout out aloud for attention. They just do what they do.

They are the ones you will walk past in the street without taking a second glance.

While I was compiling this book, I found many of these heroes, the true heroes. I heard many stories of great courage, of fortitude and resilience of human spirit strewn amongst the detritus of war.

The shame is, whilst the stories in Life in the War Zone are particular to the individuals to whom they belong, they could so easily be told by so many, in so many countries.

‘Jenny’ may be a special person, yet she is far from being unique. You see, I have learnt war gives us more heroes than we shall ever be truly aware of.





Ebooks via Paul’s website

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