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Why authors ♡ their characters – by Elizabeth H. Newton

on 12/02/2017

One of my absolute favourites among indie authors is Elizabeth Horton Newton. Not only is this lady a generous promoter of other authors and socially relevant issues, but I absolutely love everything she writes. She manages to blend chilling thriller with sizzling romance, and everyday events with shocking underlying developments, and makes you feel as if you are witnessing the events, not just reading them. Today Elizabeth takes a different view of the topic and explains why she loves her characters.

The Men I Love, The Women I Admire – by E. H. Norton

As an author I spend a significant amount of time creating my characters. I want my characters to be as real to me as I hope they will be to my readers. Of course I want my characters to relate to one another as well, whether positively or negatively.

I think I have fallen in love with the main male characters in my full length books. Bill Horton in “View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale” is an older gentleman; a neighbor who guards his privacy jealously. But he responds to Olivia Roberts. There is something exciting about cracking the exterior of a man who wants to remain aloof, but through a set of circumstances allows himself to become intimately involved with the widow next door.  He is protective, caring, mysterious, and, for an older man, he is sexy. In addition he comes to rely on Olivia, giving him an aura of fragility that would bring out the “mother” in any woman. 

In many ways, Kort Eriksen is a lot like Bill; a tragic outsider. Returning from prison to a town that has judged him guilty simply because he is “different”, he is as isolated as Bill. When he meets Grace Donahue he almost immediately sets the tone for their relationship; he offers a ride during a bad rainstorm. His protective personality is evident throughout the story. In spite of this, he has a vulnerable side which gives rise to Grace’s motherly instincts. He has all the qualities Bill has. He is protective, caring, mysterious, and very sexy. 

But it’s Jesse Wolf Carver in “Carved Wooden Heart” who completely captures my heart. Larger than life, creative and cocky, he exudes a self confidence that belies the damaged man beneath the surface. Even when other dynamic males enter the story, Jesse’s character overshadows them. He is always there even when he is not present physically. Dani Stone can neither resist his charm nor forget the emotions he unleashes in her. As the story progresses I hope the reader gets the feeling she is constantly looking back to her passionate love affair with Jesse. Jesse is definitely the male character I would fall for in a heartbeat.

All my central female characters display an inner strength that comes to the forefront when situations require it. They are feminine, kind, and independent while still exhibiting a charming vulnerability. But as I said, when they have to be tough they step up to the plate with both barrels loaded. I admire Olivia Roberts more than any other. She has grown up as a sweet southern lady, cared for by a loving husband. She raised her sons and has lived in the same house in the same town for most of her life. Always available to lend a hand to a friend, when her husband passes away she draws on all her reserves and learns to be a single woman. As the story progresses she finds an amazing strength within; following her curiosity, her hunger for truth, her concern for her friends, and eventually her heart. Once the courageous part of her is unleashed there is no turning back. Olivia is able to face the toughest dragons and even if she doesn’t slay them all she certainly wounds them severely. 

So there you have it; the men I love and the women I admire. They all have something in common. Male or female, they are able to overcome difficult situations by drawing on hidden strengths. They fight off killers, tormentors, liars, and even the government. From young girls to elderly men, they are determined and gutsy. What’s not to love?



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  2. marymarvella says:

    I love mine because I know what makes them tick and I feel what they feel.

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