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Why authors ♡ their characters – by Phoenix Rainez

on 13/02/2017

Phoenix Rainez writes old-style, romantic-to-the-core novels and poetry. It was a pleasure to read her exotically set Second Chances. Today she explains why she loves her character – Louisa. (Pssst, a little birdie told me there is a new romance by Phoenix coming soon…)

Why I love Louisa – by Phoenix Rainez

My favourite character in my romance novel SECOND CHANCES is Louisa, a young naïve girl who unexpectedly found herself in front of cameras and on catwalks. Growing up in an orphanage she worked hard to make something of her life. When she fell head over heels in love with a millionaire playboy, her first love, she opened her heart without holding back, losing her innocence, only to have her heart broken and her life shattered into a million pieces.

When I wrote Louisa’s story, I cried for her, I fell apart for her, I suffered with her and I felt that other young girls could relate to her story. Falling in love and having her heart broken and then losing the only mother figure she had known. Louisa fell into the depths of depression, stopped eating and slowly faded away and withdrew into herself. She gave up on life and it took time and counselling to bring her back from the brink of no return. She found that inner strength and courage to climb back up and became a stronger woman. A woman, who now took control of her life and her own destiny and found the confidence to forgive and love again.


Second Chances: Phoenix Rainez: 9781501022531: Books


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  1. A million thanks for posting this Anita and I really appreciate this promotional opportunity, especially now during Valentine week. Thank you.

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