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Why authors ♡ their characters? -by Jean Gill

on 15/02/2017

Jean Gill is one of those authors who still hasn’t written something I’d even remotely be able to dislike. She weaves such wonderful stories, be it contemporary or historical fiction, that I cannot help but admire her. It is indeed a rare pleasure to have such a guest on my blog. If you read her books, I have no doubt you will fall in love with her characters. Even she has.

Why I love Dragonetz – by Jean Gill

When Dragonetz asks Estela, ‘Do you want to learn or to be a table decoration?’ he starts a master-student relationship based on their shared talent as troubadours, but their music lessons sizzle with the attraction they try to fight. Dragonetz is a master troubadour and a master swordsman, a born leader who has honed his talents through experience and hard work, but who is afraid of his own effect on others. 

Like his Damascene sword, Dragonetz was forged in the Holy Land. In the disastrous Second Crusade, he was Commander and troubadour to Eleanor of Aquitaine, and his idealism died in the war although he did not. Racked by guilt, he tries to keep others at a distance, for their own sake. 

And then he forgets, driven by his own passions; for the invention of a watermill, for a crazy tournament against a Viking Prince, for a woman.

Like Estela, I am fascinated by this complex man and I want to keep up with him, be his partner in song and in love. Like the men who ride with him, I would follow him without question. He is that rare being; a charismatic leader who never loses his sense of responsibility, his quest for what is right and honourable. He lied to himself. His idealism never died; he just learned to hide it.

I have lived with Dragonetz in the 12th century for the last ten years, and, believe me, history really never has been more exciting! I have now written half of the fourth and last book of The Troubadours Quartet and it will be as difficult to leave Dragonetz as if I were his lover, parting after a song at dawn. I will always love ‘my knight’ the best.
Know that whereso’er I wander

Never shall I find true rest

Without the circle of your kisses

And may you love your Night the best.

Meet Dragonetz! ‘Song at Dawn’, Book 1 of the award-winning Troubadours Quartet is on limited offer at 99c and available free to subscribers who sign up to Jean’s newsletter here

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3 responses to “Why authors ♡ their characters? -by Jean Gill

  1. debmcewan says:

    I love the troubadour series. The characters feel like old friends but I haven’t seen them for ages. I hate to rush you Jean Gill BUT HURRY UP AND FINISH BOOK FOUR!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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