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Why authors ♡ their characters – by Tom Fallwell

on 16/02/2017

Tom Fallwell is the author of a phenomenal fantasy series. I loved reading the first book and am looking forward to its sequel. His characters are truly strong and intriguing. Here is why he likes his leading character. 

Why I Like Baric – by Tom Fallwell

Baric is the greatest Ranger in the world that I’ve created with my Rangers of Laerean series. While to many now reading my stories, he’s someone new, I’ve know the steadfast warrior for many decades. The character of Baric was created back in the late 1980s, originally as one of three characters in an unsuccessful comic book called Dark Regions. How Baric acts and thinks is the same now, in this new series, as it was back then. His personality and attitude have remained the same.

I think it was actors like Fess Parker, Clint Walker and James Arness that had the greatest influence on how I saw Baric when he was created. I’d always loved the characters they played, the big hulking guys with a big heart, like Davy Crockett, Cheyenne Bodie and Marshall Matt Dillon. This is how I see Baric.

Baric is huge, a giant of a man, and he has a heart to match his size. He can be gentle and compassionate, or fierce and terrifying in battle. He sees all people, even non-humans, as equals, without a shred of prejudice. Always ready to lend a helping hand, always caring about others more than himself, and always ready to put down any evil or injustice that tries to raise its ugly head.

Most of all, I think what makes Baric my favorite out of all the characters I’ve created, is because there is more of who I aspire to be in him than in any the others. He’s what I consider the ideal man. Strong, just, kind, courageous, caring and determined. The qualities of a true hero.

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